Ronnies Sex Shop

We all know the story of Ronnies Sex Shop on Route 62. So many people pass by… some of the most interesting people you have met?
I can’t really tell you because that would be talking out. But we started in November 97, basically as a joke. Friends of mine added the sex to Ronnies shop – although there was nothing inside at the time. I was furious, I left it. It stood empty for about 7 years. People were stopping anyway, so for fun, we opened a bar and we were drunk for months. It took off from day one, we just got bigger as demand grew. What more can I tell you? It’s a great little by accidental success, how’s that?

And you get to meet interesting people every day…
I meet interesting people every day – people from all over the world.

Share a random story you haven’t parted with before?

Yes, sneaky question.
Sneaky answer, I can’t do that. It is a very very small world, I found that out several times. So we don’t disclose the naughtiness that may or may not have happened at Ronnies Sex Shop.

Okay, okay a life lesson worth passing along?

I know it all, nothing surprises me anymore. I have met people I haven’t seen for forty or fifty years and I have met people that I would love to see again, that have not been back here.

Give me a moment I am requesting another question from the brain, you interest me but interviewing you is like trying to light a fire with water. Last question.
Have you any idea how careless people are when they are enjoying themselves? They leave wallets behind, cellphones behind, cameras, sunglasses, all sorts of personal articles. Because they are having a good time, they are relaxed they just get up and go. Sometimes they come back and sometimes they don’t. It’s amazing how careless people are when they are having fun. Their guards are right down, which is a good thing, not a bad thing. Unless you have some information on your phone that you don’t want to divulge.

Okay, a real last question, I lied.
You are a liar.

Yes, I am a liar and you are an interesting character. What makes for an interesting person in your opinion?
What you find interesting other people might find boring. Boring people find me interesting and interesting people find me boring. I have no idea what people find interesting about me, I wouldn’t have thought anything really. What is interesting about you? You have been writing since you were a child and you are dying to get into children’s books. Put this on your little website, some little person out there that does children’s books thinks “she’s got chutzpah, I want to go and meet her”

Shit, what makes me interesting… tables well turned. How about a fact. I wanted to be a photojournalist initially. I thought I would go into war’ing areas and tell stories with my eyes.
That could be tricky, they don’t fight fair anymore.

Have they ever…
A lot of journalists get wiped out in war, there will always be a gap in the market for you.

If I got wiped out telling an important story that would be okay.
It wouldn’t be good.

I’m not saying it would be good but it would be okay.
Would it really be okay? You must have a little bit more ambition than that?

What could be more important than information, telling a story that needs to be told?
Also true. As long as you see the story through and don’t die mid-story.

Oh no, that would be a waste. I would definitely see it through. If it’s going to happen. Now let’s see our story through. The most important lesson, life has taught you?
Still waiting for it.

You are one awesome story Ronnie, thank you.






























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