Rodney from Edenvale, Johannesburg

You work in a comic book store. Tell us what you love about working here and about the people you come across?

The people are different; rich, poor, upper class… middle class.
Passionate, passion for life. Different creatively. It’s actually hard to say.

What do you love about comic books?

I love the art, the stories, the escapism. Nothing can compare to it, not drugs, not anything. Even watching a movie cannot take you where a comic book can. It might be painted pictures, but it’s what is between the painted pictures that are important. Like they say, books without paintings are boring. Working in a comic book store is nice, I get to read.


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  1. Terry Author

    I was a regular customer of the comic store when in high school and I fully agree with Rodney. As an only child from a broken home, I spent much of my time on my own, and comic books were a truly wonderful means of escaping the drudgery of routine and school. They also inspired a life-long appreciation of mythology and literature. I am now an English teacher and I can credit the love of comic books in my early teens as leading me to a profession in which I try inspire a love of words to young people. So thank you Rodney.

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