Rex – Music is my first love

I go to COPA which is the Campus of Performing Arts.

Do you want to be a performer?
Yes, I have got a band, we have already started performing, we actually have things lined up for ourselves right now.

Yes, it is my first love. music is my first love. I love arts of all kinds.

What message do you hope to communicate with your music? Are you writing the music for your band?
Yes yes, I do write my own music. The message I want to spread is that we are all human. We all deserve love and we all should share that. Not only with other people but mostly with ourselves.

We need to understand ourselves, not only our positive aspects but also working through our negative ones. We all go through our dips, we think we are alone and no-one knows what we are going through. But there are seven billion of us who are all going through the same things.

What is the name of your band?
The Unnamed Angels

One more question, it is Heritage Day, what does this mean to you?
Woww, Heritage day to me means celebrating where we are all from, but for me not in terms of what town or country but where we come from is love, each and every one of us. It is about love and reconnecting with that.


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