Phume from Durban living in Johannesburg

What are you doing for Mandela day?
We are going to Yeoville to a rehab centre. We agreed to take them socks gloves bread and soup.

I think at some point it was about doing something for the sake of doing. It. Now we really want to. We have a project running at work called RAG. Random act of kindness. You do a random act it can be anything, for example, taking a stranger to the movies. You don’t have to spend money you can give away things that you have, your time. We gave away things we don’t use, we hoard things we don’t use that can make other people so happy. We recently went to an orphanage where the kids didn’t even know what cartoons are. When we got there the kids were sleeping in the middle of the day they had nothing to do, so they slept. We took them entertainment.

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