Paul – Doctor of Psychology

I hate being called a lecturer or a doctor, I want to be called by my name. I want people to know me. That’s the bottom line.

What is the most interesting thing you have learned about people?
They have their own individuality, everyone is different. I think that sums it all up.

Aristotle said it takes a lifetime to reach ones telos (highest potential) do you agree?
Absolutely. It might not take your own lifetime, it might take beyond. The impression you have made on people is very important, it will be the legacy you leave behind.

When conflict arises do we tend to look inside or outside for answers, what is the correct process?
Inside for answers. Most people (from a psych point of view), must sort out their own problems. We must let people sort out their own problems.

Is life as simple as we make it?
No, it’s not as simple as we make it, everyone has problems and fears. Everyone has good days and bad days.

The most important thing in life is just to have a good smile. Smile at someone, it makes the world of difference. I live by it. You know Sandy, we can look at the weather and say it’s miserable today. Engulf what is around you but don’t let life take control of you.


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