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Owethu – PoseZa (Fashion blogger)

Let’s talk about the website, what are you up to? 
I have just become a full-time blogger. I resigned from my job of four years. The website is all about lifestyle. So fashion, art, deco, events, all lifestyle. It’s about a lifestyle I am trying to bring to my readers. It is a lifestyle that I am living in Cape Town, South Africa. I want to show the pros and cons of this lifestyle, the fashion I wear, the places I go…

How did you start, what gave you the idea?
I was in my first year of varsity. Someone told me that I was always dressing up differently at school and suggest I start a blog. I asked him what a blog is. He told me and I started blogging. It moved quickly, people approached me to write for them. That is how it started. It went through different names and eventually PoseZa stuck.

You are living in South Africa, writing about South Africa. What do you love the most about our country?
How people are so diverse. I love the fact that we are so cultured in different ways but we are in one space. We all connect in fashion or in art or we connect in spirituality. But we always connect. Where we come from does not divide us.

Your future as a blogger?
To bring androgyny into fashion. To try push boundaries, the boundaries of the lifestyle you are expected to have. If you are black you are supposed to have this lifestyle. If you are white, gay, straight you are supposed to have this lifestyle… I am trying to push all boundaries and really just connect everyone. I wear girls clothes, I wear boys clothes. I enjoy straight clubs, I enjoy gay clubs.

Are you trying to break down barriers?


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