Attachment Theory

Odwa – My t-shirt is my best friends design

Odwa please tell me a story behind something that you are wearing?
Today I am wearing blue denim with a white t-shirt. Sometimes the weather will inspire the outfit. I am in a phase of rebellion, I have just gone blonde.  I am trying something new. Denim is something classic and sophisticated, with a white t-shirt, it can be worn up or down. That’s the story behind my outfit today.

Is there a story behind anything you are wearing?
You mentioned you liked my t-shirt. This is actually my very best friends first attempt at designing. Mika graduated last year. This t-shirt was his first attempt when he started varsity. It is still unfinished but I love that it was his first attempt and it looks great on.

Where can we find his stuff?
I am sure he will be coming out with something soon, Mika Kota.


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