Mira – Christmas with the family

Merry Christmas, how are you spending this Christmas?
This Christmas we are going to be working except on Christmas day we are going to close.

How are you spending Christmas day?
I will be with my family, my daughter, my aunt, my sister. I am missing my mother and my other sisters they are far away from me.

What did you get your daughter for Christmas?
I wanted to get her something special but she was asking me for a bicycle.

Is she getting her bicycle?
Yes, she is.

A message to your family and friends, especially your family that is far away?
You must enjoy and be happy. Every time Christmas that passes by is a new chance.

Have you had a good year?
Yes, it was a very good year.

Plans for next year?
Only God knows what is going to happen next year. It is going to be a very good year because a new year is a new start.



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