Michael from Durban living on the streets of Cape Town

I grew up in boarding schools. I had many experiences there which I am not going to talk about. I went to prison for twelve years. My son was born while I was in prison. I have been on the street since 2007. I am a drug addict. I have tried to kill myself a hundred times. I don’t know my mother. My dad is in East London. Cape Town is alright, the shelters look after the people. If it wasn’t for this church people would steal for their food. Sometimes you want to give up. I don’t want to take my own life but I am dying slowly.

The law on the street is that we don’t steal from each other, especially our bedding. If someone comes to me and I have food I will always give them. That’s the law, we don’t rob and steal from each other. We help each other.

bread for life

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