Mervyn from the Cape Flats

The happiest moment from childhood?
Is when I had my parents with me. I lost them when I was ten years old.

My father had cancer and my mother had a tumour on the brain.

What do you remember about them?
I remember everything about childhood. How they raised me. Then I became old, I lived with my sister. I left school at an early age after their death. I went to go work. I lived with some friends. I became a teenager and went to go live with other friends. I worked at a casino for six years where I picked up drugs. A crack habit. It went on for five years. I quit my job to stop the habit. I went back to live with my sister. My family were not happy that I stopped my job. My family told me to go my own way and I landed up on the streets. For the past two years, I have been window cleaning, it keeps me going.

Are you clean now?

For how long?
For over two years.

Are you still on the streets?
Yah, surviving every day. I am looking for a place. Even if it’s a garage, a small space to live.

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