Megan – Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, I’ll spend today doing what makes me feel alive.

You know, I’ve get a lot of weird looks from people when I tell them I spend my mornings walking other people’s dogs.

A lot of people think it’s weird, and to be honest, one of the reasons I didn’t do it sooner was because I admit I was worried about how it would look.

But let me tell you something, I have never been happier in all my life. We shouldn’t only be drawn to the things that will make us a fortune of money. Sometimes we should do things simply because it fills our soul. I’m unable to have my own pet because of our complex’s no-pet-rules, so being around animals every morning fills that enormous void in my life. Could I make more money focusing on selling jewellery, or working in an office somewhere? Of course. But this makes me happy. And happiness is more valuable to me than any paycheck. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so I’ll spend today doing what makes me feel alive.




*I came across this story on Facebook and knew it had to be shared.
Thank you Megan for sharing your story.

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