Maureen – Cape Town is kaleidoscope of different colours & cultures

I have returned to Cape Town after 31 years. We left in 1983.

My two sons were due to go into the army. I wasn’t prepared to donate any of my kids to a naturalist army. My daughter got married here. They landed up in Canada. If they want to give the earth an enema that is where they would give it. We joined them In Vancouver. It was 17 magnificent years. Vancouver is the other magnificent city in the world, It is lush and the people are amazing.

One day I got a phone call from my daughter. She asked me to write an address down, I told her I didn’t have time to go look at real estate. She told me that was my new address in San Diego.

How long were you there?
14 years, I like the states we stayed in La Jolla. Then my husband passed away. You know you can’t live in your children’s pockets. I have 8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. They have their lives to live. I am also always busy.

A year ago I came here (Cape Town) for my cousins 60th. I told my youngest Martin my heart is in Cape Town. Two days later, him and his wife had discussed buying me a little flat in Sea Point. I am so happy here. When I walk down the street it’s like walking through a kaleidoscope of different colours and cultures. I don’t think people realize what a privilege it is to live here. It’s a beautiful city.


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