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What is your business called and what is it that you do?
It is called Baguette sandwiches and eatery. I am a hawker, a street vendor. I started selling food on the streets and then I got into offices. My product is very wholesome. I am quite successful.

What is your story?
I am a forty-two year old Brazilian women. I have been brought up by a nutritionist. I never had any western medicine. I am totally alternative and homeopathic.

Tell me about the challenges women face in business?
I think you challenge yourself.

There is constant changing opinions regarding how we should eat as well as what to avoid if our bodies are showing signs of intolerance..
In terms of food intolerance, most of the people have candida. Candida comes from antibiotics, from not being aware of probiotics. The doctors often offer antibiotics without probiotics. I dont find intolerances to be something we just have, It is from our lifestyle.

You have a lot of your clients following the banting diet?
Yes, most males. The females dont loose any weight and they didnt feel happy on it, so they stopped. The males between thirty and sixty are following it. I personally dont believe in bantering. As I said being brought up by a nutritionist, I was taught about a balanced diet. A balanced diet doesn’t take you to the extreme. Most of the social problems in the country is food orientated. People in South Africa are not very food conscious.

Future plans?
Growing my business organically. Getting my backery going. I want to have space in my business to employ people, I wish to help other people.

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