Lorraine and Trevor – At the cricket

I have met you guys at the cricket tonight, did you enjoy the game? Are you big supporters?
Trevor- Yes, we love the Proteas. We love De Villiers and we love Amla…
Lorraine- …and we love Miller.
Trevor- Yes, our Durban boy.

They didn’t disappoint it was a great game.
Trevor- No they didn’t, it was a great game, from the fielding to the batting. They really did us well.

Do you guys go to all the matches that are over here?
Trevor- Most of the Durban matches, we also support the Dolphins.

Of course.
Trevor- So we support our local boys like Morne Van Wyk, Miller.
Lorraine- Also De Villiers.

A message to our boys the Proteas?
Lorraine- Well done!
Trevor- Well done, keep us going the exact same way and we will be proud.

We are so proud, thanks guys!

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