Living Outside – Quentin by Sandy L and Photography by Frank Schoenau (a First Thursday collaboration)

Quentin, please tell me your story?
What story?

How do you come to be living on the streets?
For a long time, since I was a teenager, 13 years old, I have been living on the streets. I have been working since I was 13 years old. Whatever I do, I do only for myself. My parents were there only for protection and households – further than that, I look after myself.

Did you lose your parents?
No, my parents are still alive, with a party lifestyle and all that stuff, I was growing up like that. So I was just fitting in the chain. That’s why I was growing up with the same lifestyle and I don’t like it. But now, I get a new lifestyle.

A lifestyle away from partying?
I didn’t accept that as my lifestyle, I did get a new lifestyle but it fell into the gutters. But now get a new lifestyle where I am living on a camp. Life is tough but I’m pulling through.

What is your plan for the future?
My plan is to work on the sea again, I am a seaman.  I was there,  I must go back again.




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