Living Outside – Laigy by Sandy L and Photography by Frank Schoenau (a First Thursday collaboration)

It is tough to be on the road but I break through. If I have more years and my own money it will go to the homeless to get them from the street because it is not nice living on the street.

What circumstances did you find yourself in that you are living on the street?
Gangsterism. My mother passed away and so this one gang wanted to buy my mother’s house to sell drugs. I don’t agree with it because my mother worked hard for the house and very long. She raised us, two children, as a single parent, and she made it very comfortable for us to live in, so that is why I moved onto the street. They wanted to kill me for the house of my mother.

Is the house standing empty now?
No, my sister and grandmother are living there.

Safely and not under threat?

Are you scared to go back?
Actually yes, they are coming after me, I am the youngest, I have all the right to give them the house, so I am very scared to go home. If I go back they are going to kill me is why I am making myself comfortable on the road.

Are you alone or do have people around you on the streets?
I am living with my homeless family. We make it comfortable for one another like a family.





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