Leanne – Marine Botany

What did you study?
A Masters in Science, specializing in Marine Botany.

Explain what that entails for us simple folks?
My masters was by dissertation, original research. I studied the seaweed communities on Two Mile Reef in Sodwana Bay, in Northern Natal. I looked at the community composition, I identified new seaweed species (new to South African shores) as well as one potentially new to science.

Interesting! How do you feel today (graduation day)?
Now that graduation is over and the degree is finished, I am exhausted, but the biggest relief was when I handed in my thesis. That was huge. It has been a very long journey. Literally, blood, sweat and tears went into the research and fieldwork. I just can’t believe it is over, now onto the next chapter.

What is the next thing, future plans?
Get a job, something in my field. Something in environmental sciences. I want to try to make a difference even if it is a small one.

Message to family, friends and lecturers who carried you through?
Especially to my parents, they have really supported me the whole way. My lecturers, John Bolton and Robert Anderson, whenever I was down or couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, they always had some words of encouragement and some often needed humour. My Cape Town family, while I lived here in Cape Town, Sandy and Sandra Kay, really kept my spirits afloat.




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