Lee and Siyabonga – Beach Art

You guys are doing beach art on Umhlanga beach, how did you start? 
Lee- I used to practice on South Beach there by Durban. That is where it started, we do it for a living. That is how we live, we depend on peoples donations. Sometimes there are events where we are invited to entertain children, also for weddings.

How did you find out you had a talent for sand art? Did you meet each other and decide you were going to learn together?
Lee- Actually I learned from him. He is the one who started this.

How did you learn?
Siyabonga- Just practice.

What gave you the idea?
Siyabonga- I can’t say it has been a long time.

How long?
Siyabonga- Since 2000. 15 years now.

Are people kind, do they support what you are doing?
Siyabonga- Some of them.
Lee- People don’t realize we pay to be here, we pay for a permit to do this.




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