Kevin – I am a business owner

You’re a business owner? (Kevin owns a fruit stand).
I started my business a few years ago, I started from scratch. I picked up some old fruit on the farm and sold it. When I had made some money I could buy grade one or grade two fruit. I can now buy quality fruit. I only buy first and second-grade fruit. I don’t buy lower grade anymore.

Future plans?
I am starting to save money. I want to buy a little bit of property at the place I have hired now and then I can build my own shop here.

You were saying it is very difficult to do business here.
Yes, it is very difficult. We heard that the government can help us with some money as a small business. I have been here for five years now, with no help. We heard about the money they give but we haven’t received the money. We don’t know where to go to get some help. We have old vehicles, they break down. The money we make goes back into the business. Fruit prices are also going up, we are struggling.


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