Juliet – We are all equal

I was up and down about asking her about the pagan symbol around her neck, I didn’t want to be rude so I approached rather shyly. She was warm, kind and open to my questions.

Explain the symbol?
The top is spirit and the four elements. If it’s in a circle it’s a protective symbol. If it’s upside down it’s connected with satin, which means that humans are more powerful than the elements. It is arrogant.

Are people open to understanding and listening to what you believe in?
Most people are quite open.

What was the appeal for you, do you come from a pagan home?
Yes, I do. My mom is pagan. Even my education was pagan.

How does that make it different?
It’s artier, the lessons are drawn with less writing. More history. All history from when we first began. History of The whole world.

What is the central belief when it comes to people and how we treat each other?
We are all equal. We all have a path to follow. We are to treat all people as equals.

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