A Thousand Words

Julia Bekker – A poem called ‘Heavy Ashes’

As I gave you my heart.
You carefully cut it out of my chest.
Spread it out as far as it would go.
Exposed every corner.
Put it all on show.
Hung it out to dry.
Watched it burn in the fiery sun.
From dawn until dusk.
Waited for the night sky.
To turn it to ice.
Hailed the raging storms.
To turn it to dust.
From the dust.
You made a necklace like stone.
Swore that you loved me.
While you nailed it to my bone.
Claimed I was the one for you.
Promised that your love.
Would always be true.
Demanding I should love you back.
With the ashes of my heart.
Heavy around my neck.

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