Joshua – Zuko Collective

Joshua you guy have been travelling the country promoting your new album? First off, tell me a little bit about yourself?
I am a drummer for Zuko Collective. I am 27 years old. I love South Africa, I am South African.

Tell me about your band?
My band is called Zuko Collective. We’re an 8-piece band. We are from Johannesburg. We have recently released our album “Relationships”. We have been promoting it. We travelled from Johannesburg, Durban, Port St Johns, P.E and now we are in Cape Town.

Let’s talk more about the music?
We are an eclectic sound, a mixture of everything. We aren’t one-sided, we are multi-faceted we play for everybody. Some people have said it’s the deepest music they have heard. We are a live band, we are everything. We are for the young ones, we are for the adults. We have elements of rock, jazz, kwaito…

You in 5 years time?
Joshua in the next 5 years is going to be a fashion clothing Mongol, one of the best drummers in South Africa, pushing his stuff and touring the world and another thing praising the name of God. I just don’t want to lie to you, I am a very spiritual person, I love Jesus and I am a worshiper of God. That’s me.


Nozuko Mapoma – Lead Vocal
Sibusiso Chiloane – Bass Guitar
Zweli Mthembu – Lead Guitar
Joshua Maluleka – Drums
Teboho Smith – Saxophone
Kenridge Rambau – Guitar
Thandiwe Khoza – Supporting Vocals
Njabulo Mayisa – Sound Engineer
Maleho Makgothi -Sound Engineer

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  1. Good evening Sandy and the Humans Crew!! Its Joshua here…the one in the interview above…i honestly didnt know this existed i was shocked today upon some searches i came across my pic and this awesome interview!!!

    The thing is shortly after the Cape Town tour the band disbanded due to some ego’s and maladministration but so much more came out of it and i love the way you cover and exentuate stories…i am now working on my solo project and looking to throw it out here…and I’d love to be covered as i am now on my own and following up on the above interview to refresh some statements i made??…no changes…

    Please keep in contact as i really would love it if you had my journey on the Humans page and stuff…Thank you for everthing…and again in advance for your contact and continuation of all things above and current!!

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