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I have my own company, I care about my staff. It is important to get to know your employees very well and get to know their personalities. Each person is different and it is important to know what they do and don’t like. A work environment should be fun and pleasant. Implementing their likes in the work environment gives a boost of productivity and motivation.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating sitting in an office all day. My guys love the outdoors, so we go sit outside and work, and we make sure we work hard. I also give students the opportunity to come and join in and learn from what we do. It’s important to love your job. The more you love it, the more good things come into your life, from clients to profits and an enjoyable lifestyle.

What do you do?

Events, team building and travel incentives.

Your company recognizes it’s social responsibility?

With some of our events, we try to focus on giving back to the communities that need help. We do everything from extreme makeovers to giving away clothing and food, as well as other things. In order for this to happen, we incorporate a fun interactive event to get the corporate excited and motivated for this. Such as our Reach for South African and Beyond Amazing Race. We have a huge database of communities that need help, they come to us and we put a creative proposal for them. We also have a Master Chef community built to teach the communities about healthy eating and nutrition. We bring in chefs and set up mini-stations with cooking equipment and good wholesome ingredients.

What are important traits that you value and look for when looking to hire?

Be creative, loyal, hardworking and self-motivating. You must also be able to work under pressure, take initiative and most importantly be fun and have fun.

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