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You said that “Sometimes a story finds you”. How did this one find you? I know you are from the Karoo, this would be a personal matter for you?
It’s an inquisitive streak. A friend of mine sent me a petition to sign against fracking. I was frustrated by the lack of information and that no one had been informed that side.

3 years, 300 interviews and 3 continents. Sum this up in 3 lines?
Personal level?

Yes, please.
I think a deeply moving journey of self-discovery. Not only for myself but for my community. My country and the world at large. A journey where I was able to time travel to the future,  I am now in a position to empower people with the lessons I have learned so that we can move ahead responsibly and sustainably.

You mentioned that your life has changed since making the documentary, talk to me about this?
There has been a major shift in my priorities and lifestyle. When you work on such a huge and real topic that has so many repercussions and you strike pandora’s box it is a massive eye-opener. I think just realizing that we have to do better than this. As a young person in SA and the world, we have to do all we can to make sure the world moves forward in the best way possible. The way I can do that on a personal level is to use a camera and tell stories. It has to be cool to care.

“The game seemed rigged long before the public knew it was being played. This is the case with the majority of the goings on in this country (although we are not alone, this is always the case where money is involved) we are only privy to half-open doors. There are always agendas.”

That line is right out of the film, it is very powerful anything to add to it?
I think that system that you describe is set in stone in the US. In the US you see corporate interest in government. That’s not to say SA is an angel but there is still hope here. In the sense that SA is a young democracy. We are still able to believe that each voice matters. And for that reason there is hope. (In the US it is so far gone) it is critical we act, speak and express.

Open and accurate information and transparency are important we don’t want peoples naively to exclude them from national topics. We need this in places where people are cut off from the media, in places where people trust each other easily as they have no reason not to.

Glamour women of the year?
Wow, alongside public protector Thuli Madonsela, she is fellow women of the year what an honour! She is the most inspirational women In SA. I just see myself with a torch helping ignite others. That’s what makes it amazing, it is not about the recognition it is about igniting others. People have so much potential they just need to be reminded of it and inspired to act. Young people in SA need more role models. If in some small way I can help, then that is a dream come true.

This question came from the audience. What was the reaction from the community of the Karoo when showing them this film?
It is different in the Karoo. I dread going in front and doing q and a, as it is silent. Hereafter a day you might forget. It’s tough. I come from there it is like looking friends and family in the face and saying that I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

The industry will split up a community. They identify the racial and social vulnerability to make it people vs people. There is a growing interest in conversations that matter. More and more citizens want to be active, they want to rather know than not know. If you know you can do something about.

I heard someone ask you if you have an agenda. They apologized for asking, but it is a question many will ask?
I have never made any money from this nor have I been paid. I come in with the truth and accuracy. I ask what we are going to do about it? I encourage people to have conversations, I am not looking to take anyone on. I want to sit down and talk.

Next project?
Lots going on. Stories that matter.

Like you said stories find you.

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  1. Barry Visser Author

    Jolynn I think you are doing a wonderful job. Please keep it up!!! Fracking could destroy our planet not only the Karoo. Thanks to lobbying and bribery the USA has gone ballistic over fracking and sold it to the world. Like you, I am from the Graaff- Reinet district and have met you at meetings a couple of times. Go well!!! May frcking never happen in our lovely Karoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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