Johanna, I feel let down by a government hospital by Shira Yariv

I went to the government clinic for a pap smear in December 2013. They said that they only do pap smears in January. I left.

I then went back in January for the procedure and went back in May for my results. There were no results. They said they could not find my file.

I went back again in July. The nurse was kind and phoned the laboratory to find my results, they told her over the phone that it’s abnormal, but they wouldn’t send the report or give her the details.

I went back again in August, there is still no report and that nurse has left. Now I have to repeat the Pap smear. I think South African healthcare is horrible, they say its abnormal what if it’s something serious? I don’t have money to go to a private gynecologist.

I feel let down.

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