Jeandre Marinier – After a brain tumour

What is your story?
I spent 27 years living in France. I worked for a multi-national company. In 2010 I had an epileptic fit and they found a brain tumour. I was operated on three times in that year. I was given a second chance in life. I decided that I wanted to do the thing that would make me the most happy, I did fine arts as a student but I never got the opportunity to paint or do art after that. I went and took painting lessons, oil paint specifically. I took lessons for two and a half years, just learning technique. technique, technique. I decided to come back out to South Africa and do what I have always wanted to do. Here I am at the craft market, I also have my paintings at the Hermanus art circle. I teach adults. I am loving it. I am loving all the human contact, all the love and giving.

We shouldn’t wait until we have had a bad experience to do the things we love, based on your experience what message would you give people?
We say that life is short, you can have your life changed that day, everything can be destroyed in a second. Do not waste time. Have a bucket list and just do it.

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