James – There is no life on drugs

Tell me your story?
I am the guy with no family, I used to be drug addicted, I was smoking drugs like nobodies business. I had a girlfriend and kids. I lost everything because of drugs. I have recovered, I don’t smoke drugs anymore.

How did you recover?
I told myself that I couldn’t go on as I was, I am getting older. I started when I was 27, I am 36 now. I had to quit. I didn’t go to rehab, I just stopped. I have problems now, my family are all dead and my girlfriend does not want to see me again. I am trying my best to get everything together again.

If your girlfriend reads this what would you like to tell her?
She doesn’t want to see me anymore. I would tell her that I want to see my babies, I want to talk to her. I am really sorry. Last I saw her she didn’t believe that I was off the drugs. There is no life on drugs.


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