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Okay, everyone who knows about Sexy Food knows your story. Tell us what question are you most asked when it comes to food?

I most frequent question I get asked is about what I serve.

What is the bunless burger?

The bunless burger is made up of microgreens, sprouts, a veg pattie and I so call it the bunless burger which is a healthier version of the burger. A sexier version, sorry.

Do you think that most people know about healthy eating? Or are you finding most people to be “uneducated” when it comes to food?

I wouldn’t say uneducated. I mean I certainly fell into the category of not knowing anything about the wellbeing and the health world, before I got sick with cancer.

So I am very, very sympathetic towards people who don’t know anything because I was one of those people. I must say that I still do fall into the category of not knowing everything but I just know a little more.

So to answer that question about people not knowing much about whats going on, I think they know a hell of a lot. They just haven’t had the right path or the right influence or the right inspiration that has made the penny drop for them to realize what is happening around them.

It is not a lot of information that they need to know.

It is just about how to tap into reading their own body and not putting their own health into other people’s hands. That’s kind of why I have this project happening right now, just to put on a bit of an experience, a bit of a wow factor to take people down another route which is all that needs to happen to wake up to their own bodies, their own health and what the blueprint to living their sexy journey is.


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