James – I am a creative who raps

You are a rapper, tell me about your music?
Well, firstly I would like to think that I am a creative because if I say rapper I am actually limiting myself. But yes I rap, I sing and I make beats. I run by the name J Mags. I have done quite a bit of work. I have a blog, I have been on TV, on four occasions.

Take me from the top, when did you start?
I started doing my music when I was sixteen, but I only took it seriously about two years ago. I was on Yfm, UJ FM, Bachat radio. I was also featured on a DVD by Music of Africa. So I have been in music from way back.

Did you always know you wanted to be in music?
Music has always been a part of me but it was always just passive. When I found out I could actually compose, write and perform I started taking it seriously.

Who are your influences and what motivates you?
My influences are obviously more American. More mainstream music, not underground. My influences are Kayne West and Jay Z. Locally I am looking at guys like Tear Gas and Casper. Most of the time I rap in English but I also incorporate vernacular because you know, most people in South Africa actually gel well with vernacular.

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