Gina Athans – The Love Army

I started my own foundation recently it’s called the Love Army. Its focus is on sustainable transformation in victims of all circumstances like poverty, abuse, sexual abuse, drug addiction. The platform will empower the dis-empowered.

My dream for my foundation is to create a movement and that is why I called it the Love Army. I want it to be an army of love soldiers. Soldiers who are fighting for their lives, I want to change the mindsets of society. Life will always deal unfair cards but you have the choice of how you are going to deal and to love yourself. I want to take people from victims to victory. From being a victim of your history to the master of your destiny. It is actually quite a dark topic that people don’t really want to discuss self-love. Very few people can actually say that they love themselves.

Mandela once said, “Don’t give someone a fish, rather teach them how to fish.” It is the same thing with loving. If someone is shown love and is loved, awesome. If you love yourself you are empowered.


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