Fatimah and Aaniyah from Bo Kaap

Sisters or friends?

What is it like to have a sister?
Aaniyah – You don’t need friends, it’s like having a partner.
Fatimah – I see my sisters as soul mates.

When I told you why I am doing this you said?
Fatimah – Your aim is to bring people together, that is exactly what I think a lot about.

Me too. Being 29?
Fatimah – I think that this stage of my life is very important. I reflect and think about my purpose in life. Knowing who I am is very important.

Who are you, if you had to describe yourself?
Fatimah – I am a spiritual person. I am a loving and caring person with a fabulous personality ( said with a smile).
Aaniyah – I am 30. I am an open-hearted warm person. My aim in life is to give to those that don’t have. Give love, give money, give an ear to listen. I just want everyone to be good and okay.

That makes you Irish twins (born within 12 months of each other)

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