Faith – My parents sold me into marriage

What’s the story behind your name?
It is meaningful. For hope and love and peace.

My parents were struggling, there were no jobs they took me to school to learn. They sold me into marriage. In our culture, my husband had to pay my parents to marry me in cows.

How many cows did they get?
Maybe 20.

How old were you when you got married?

Did you love him?
Yes, I love him I had no choice, I have to listen to my parents. I have four children by him.

Does he treat you well?
He does.

My son is working with me to pay for himself to go to university.

What does he want to be?
An electrician.

Will you do the same to your children? Marry them off?
I am lucky God did give me three boys. They will have to work to pay money for their own Labola one day.

And your daughter?
She is still small, she is ten, I want my daughter to go to school.

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