Endi – Last Fighter Standing

How did you get into fighting?
I have been a fighter since I was 15, I am now 24. I saw a couple of guys doing it across the street so I went there and decided I really wanted to do it.

What is the appeal for you?
Martial arts gives you different goals in life. As soon as you reach one goal you just want another one. That next one cannot be easy, it must be hard and then you must achieve that goal and then the next one…you just keep going. Right now I have two belts.

What is your biggest challenge as a fighter?
My biggest challenge as a fighter, I think is to never give up.

Fighting is your profession, so a full-time job?
Yes, for me I have been living off fighting for this past year as well as teaching and coaching.

One more question. It is a sport of not only body but also of mind. Tell me about keeping your mind strong?
Trust me it is all about the mind if your mind is not prepared your body will never get there. Being in the ring is about being strong but not only physically.

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