Eleni and Peter – We are retired lecturers

We are retired lecturers.

Peter, How did you guys meet?
We met during our student days in London.

Peter…Come on, I want the full story? Who approached who? Who saw who across the room… who smiled at who? Who made the first move?
We were students, we had the same supervisor. We worked in the same laboratory. So the environment was there. I spoke to everybody in the department and in the lab. She must tell you the story about how we met.

Eleni… yes, I want to hear from the other side. Men and women tell these stories differently. From the other side, please?
Well, when we met he had very long hair, he was a hippy. He was very handsome. I thought that when you see a handsome man you have to be careful of him. But he turned out to be very nice. It took me a long time to persuade him to marry me.

And even longer to persuade him to have children with me.

How many years is that now?
Since we got married 35 years.

They asked to take my picture which was definitely a first. The tables were turned, I was pretty shy. 

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