Ekay – Volunteering at The Street Store

How do you come to be helping at The Street Store?

I saw a clip online, I followed it up and shared it with my friends. I thought that it is something everyone can be apart of. I think we can have a street store in every area. My friend and I brought clothing, I thought we would watch for five minutes, but I ended up staying and helping.

Just something on a side note. I just thought to myself that this is a seed, this is not just about the street store. This exposes very deep social ills. The fact that we have to have something like this is disturbing. That this is what things have come to. These people are still hungry they go back to the same place when they leave here.

People ask for water, I don’t have water to give them. More people should join to help. To make this even bigger. I have been speaking to a lot if people here. There is a ‘me’ in every one of them. They have stories. Everyone wants to know how they ended up where they are.

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