Debbie – I have been looking for a job for 6 years

What is the one thing you have always wanted to know but never asked?
This is the question I want to know. Why is it when you go for a job, in the interview, why is your answer more important than what you are capable of doing?

I guess we sell ourselves through words?
Is how I answer what qualifies me?

Have you had many disappointments?
Yes, wait I’m going to lie. If I can say it’s four for my life that I can think of. Not much.

Are you still looking for work now?
Yes, but not so desperately like I used to. It’s now 6 years that I have been looking for a job.

Have you considered that maybe you are looking in the wrong place, industry?
I come from a particular industry then I went into admin. I got a diploma in admin and bookkeeping. So no.

Anything to add?
Not really, I mean we are like living in a democracy where work is not supposed to be a problem anymore. We live in Atlantis, we are stereotyped. My son has a tertiary education he is struggling. My other son had to move out of Atlantis to get a job.

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