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I would be doing this story an injustice if I didn’t tell it from the top.

I was looking for a web designer. My website has been running for almost five months, so I thought it was time to take it from the ‘mickey mouse club’ to the big leagues with a new and improved website. I asked a friend to help me find a designer via facebook. Doron called her to ask the ‘who, what and why questions’. He was pointed in my direction. I received a phone call asking me “How can we help?” I have already repeated this story a hundred times because I am so grateful and humbled by the kindness of the Dawpro team. An interview was definitely in order to get to know the guys behind my new website. 

All – Hi, hi.

Always a good starting point. What are you guys doing? David let’s start with you.
David- Doron first.

Doron you first.
Doron- So I do more of the practical side of things. The business side. I do the accounting, the contracts, business management, budgets, research and development. You just put me on the spot.

Sorry,y I tend to do that, sum it up in three words.
Finance, research and budgeting.

That does the job, James you are next.
James- My name is James. I am currently and happily employed by Dawpro Digital.
He has to say happily.
Doron – He actually hates it here.
David – He is also pretty good at public speaking….
James- Yes, but it is true I am happy. My main role in the company is a graphic designer. I am a UI,IX designer.
David- Specialist James, specialist.
James- Yes, So UI.UX is a user experience and interface designer, and I am just a creative guy. So I am the odd kid out of the family.
Tebogo- I joined Dawpro Digital a couple of weeks back. Four weeks back to be precise. I am a PHP web developer. I work with James, Doron and Dave on a day to day basis to make sure that all the websites are being developed and maintained.
Doron- He has been training on Humans of SA.
David- I am one of the directors of Dawpro and I am a software developer, application designer in terms of the technical department. We started this company mainly to run applications and services for the public and diverted into somewhat of a media house. To design and develop web applications, mobile applications and solutions for whatever comes our way. I have been developing for over ten years in open source. I am very happy to work at Dawpro and to do this project with you.

Doron – Can I also say what Dawpro does?
Yes, yes, yes we are getting there.
Doron- Okay, I was excited.

I wanted to get to know you guys first. Please tell me what Dawpro do?
Doron- Dawpro Digital is a subsidiarity of Dawpro. Dawpro is a holding company that essentially holds applications and software that is rented out on an annuity basis, to produce income.

Anything to add to that?
Doron- And my dog’s name is…

I want to know about customer service and the importance of good customer service?
David- So for us, client service is a number one priority. It is very important to service your clients to their requirements and beyond for what you know. For us at Dawpro our technical and design understanding of…
Doron- …essentially we have a company motto ‘Under promise and over deliver”. That is what everyone here aims to achieve. When we wake up every morning we say we are going to do a project in three weeks and we try to get it out in two weeks.

Anything to add guys?
James- Essentially, having to raise the bar each time you do a project. Your standards have to obviously improve from the previous project that you did. So you find that clients come back with positive feedback.
Tebogo- James said it all.

Last question, why the interest in Humans?
Doron- Humans of SA caught our eye because South Africa is such a diverse society, you don’t have such a diverse set of people anywhere else in the world. It is a beautiful project from that point of view.
James- The first time I saw Humans of South Africa, well I am actually a blogger as well…
You are welcome to send in writing for our new page “A thousand words” it is for writers.
James- I like the fact that you cover a broad range of people. I even know some of the people on the site.
The world is small.
James- I find Humans of SA a project that is worthwhile, it is interesting.
David- What attracted me to this project is that it is very down to earth amidst all of the social media and all the crap out there. You can change the word crap if you like.
No no, I like the word crap.
David- It makes one as a user or a reader really see something online that is real. It is honest and refreshing to see content that gives you such a personal and realistic experience through the web.
Tebogo- What basically attracted me…
Besides for them forcing you, just joking.
Doron- No Christmas bonus if you don’t do this, no no it was the free chocolate cake. The truth is she said there would be cake…
I did offer and follow through with this, although there was an irrational idea that I was making it.
Tebogo- It is an awareness of our society that the website creates, I felt engaged when I saw the website.

Thank you again for your kindness guys!

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