Claire, Abigail, Megan and Luke – Heritage Day

What does being South African mean to you, I think an appropriate question it being Heritage Day?

Claire – I think Heritage Day, is about being around different people. Having some sort of family time and meeting new people.

Abigail – Appreciating South Africa and it’s different cultures as well as Johannesburg itself, appreciating how unique and different it is.

Megan – I think Heritage Day is about all the different cultures coming together but also different countries coming together so they are Dutch twins and I am Afrikaans. We do a serious boerie Braai, we’re all mongrels.

Luke – Yeah we are a bit of everything. I don’t know what I am, to be honest. There is so much going up the line that people ask what I am, I just say I am South African. That’s what I am. I can’t stand it when people say that they are American or English and so on. When you were born in this country, this is your home. Stand in it, be proudly South African, that is what Heritage Day is about.

Yes a good point, we should be noticing and respecting each other’s differences and learning from one another.

Claire – You can be English and South African. You can be Dutch and South African.

Abigail -You can learn different cultures and have a taste of every culture.

Megan – We have eleven languages, so few countries have eleven languages, in fact, no one else has eleven languages.



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