Claire and Abigail – We tell stories using animations

Ladies, you are still in school you mentioned your passion for animation and how you want to be filmmakers?

Abigail- Basically I am doing animations with my sister. We kind of have this thing right now.

Claire -This collaborative thing.

Abigail -Basically we just do little animations they are quite doodly, very chilled.

Claire – And illustrative.

Abigail- They kind of tell a story. Right now we are doing one every day. Like a little part of an animation every day throughout this year.

Claire- It is all of our stresses and the little things that we see that interest us. We incorporate them into this little animation. We will make a little animation film at the end of this year. We also want to start making films, to show the harsh realities of this world.

Abigail- What we want to try to tell other people.

Claire and Abigail- Our message to the world.

Abigail- It is one of the most interesting forms of art today as it is so popular and new.

Claire- Not many people do film they do art, paintings and illustrations and things. Film is such a big opportunity and has such a big space we can work in.

Abigail- The other day we were looking on the internet we just saw these tribes, these Omo tribes.

Claire- Yes.

Abigail- They are these beautiful African people, indigenous people. They have their faces painted with all of these different colours of the earth. Basically, the pigments they use are from plants, seeds, flowers and things like that, also mud. They express themselves, they live off the land. They are these long elongated figures that are almost alien-like. We would love to do a documentary on them. That is also culture and apart from heritage day because it is about culture and learning new things.

Claire- Learning about different cultures.

Abigail- As well as how they can also keep up their culture.



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