Meeting Nelson Mandela by Carli

My grandfather is one of the leading Jewellers in South Africa, Sid Forman. Madiba came into our Sandton store and purchased pieces for Graca, he asked my grandmother what he could do for us and she requested for our family to meet him. We were invited to his Houghton home in April of 2008.

What was he like?
He was warm and loving. All I can remember is how soft his hands were when he took my hands in his.

Did he say anything that has stuck with you?
The first moment I saw him, he stood under the archway of the entrance to his home and I remember feeling totally in awe, it was as if we were seeing a mirage.

What stuck out most for me was the attention he paid to the children and hardly focussed on the adults. In the one image, my brother who was 9 at the time spoke up and said “Mr President, can I please have a hug?” A most cherished moment.






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