Berenice – Talking fashion and cancer

I can’t stand things that match.

Fashion inspiration?

When did you know you wanted to be in fashion?
I’m not lying now when I was ten.

What happened?
I started cutting up my clothes. When my jeans didn’t fit, I used to wear three layers of pants underneath.

Do you want to talk about what is going on with you or do you want to keep it light?
I have a Facebook page, people know, It’s called A diary of my journey through breast cancer

Advise for anyone going through the same thing as you?
I thought about that the other day. People keep saying things to me like, “It happens for a reason” or “You will get over it”
When in fact it’s all a fuck up.

Make sure you first mourn before you move on to healing, cry as much as you want and can. Do what makes you happy and use the good days to catch up with friends, chores and yourself. Become a friend of chemo, its the only chance you have.


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