Ben and Hayley – On graduation day

You guys have been studying for how long now?
Ben- PhD, so four years
Hayley- Yeah, four years.

How are you both feeling today (graduation day)?
Hayley- Relieved
Ben- Yeah relieved, glad to be here and looking forward to moving on to new things.

Oceanography, please explain what exactly that entails, give us the 101?
Hayley- It is basic physics, chemistry and biology all to do with the ocean. Everything except the really big cool stuff like the whales and dolphins. We study how the water moves. The colour of the water. What is in it, in terms of chemistry. As well as tiny tiny little plant life.
Ben- And how it affects climate and basically what it means to the globe as a whole as opposed to a little organism.

Interesting! Future plans?
Ben- We have both got permanent jobs in the UK, we are heading back on the first of January. We kind of hit the science holy grail of landing permanent jobs at the end of PhD. We are pretty happy to be in the positions we are in.
Hayley- But we are absolutely heartbroken to leave Cape Town.
Ben- After five years here, it is bittersweet feelings about leaving.

Thank you so much and best of luck.




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