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Anita – South African Fashion Council

Anita, what is it that you do?
Hi there, I am the CEO of the South African Fashion Council. The South African Fashion Council is really the overarching body that has been created through the Department of Trade and Industry in order to coordinate what is happening with the development of the fashion value train in South Africa.

What is your involvement with the Fashion Revolution?
Fashion Revolution is really more of a passion, we are not directly involved as the South Africa Fashion Council. But because of the ethos of what the Fashion Revolution is all about, which is about understanding who is making your clothes and where they are being made. At the Council, we are very passionate about understanding where the garments are made and trying to create more jobs in South Africa by getting more people to buy local, to wear local and to manufacture locally.

So your goal is to grow the fashion industry in South Africa?
Absolutely, so if we can get fast fashion, quick response as well as looking at independent designers and formal retail we can see a growth of between 80 and 100 000 jobs in this country, just by growing the local consumption at the retail end from 25 percent to 40 percent local. Which means that those 150 to 200 000 people that will be employed in our clothing industry are going to end up supporting about a million people plus, in a home environment.

Your message to fashion lovers?
Just be true to South Africa, know that South Africa is amazing. Stop looking at international brands when we have such amazing brands right here in South Africa. Have a look at your labels. Buy local and support locally.

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