Ahdley from Cape Town

The last time someone upset or bothered you, how did you deal with it?
I get upset every day at work. You need to learn to control it. When I am upset I put on my music it makes me okay. When I hear music it takes me back to a happy day. We all need our own coping mechanisms to deal with daily stresses or we will get lost in the system.

Looking back on those upsets are they still a big deal or do we blow stuff up?
We tend to blow stuff up. It’s all about people not taking responsibility. Globally people do this on a daily basis. We pass the buck making things other people’s problems. Do you still believe Cape Town is a laid-back city?

Yes, in comparison to other cities.
No, we are falling into the rat race.

How do we do prevent this?
We need to take stock of ourselves. We need to connect to our upbringing to the good things that were taught to us that we are now throwing away. We need to take the advice of our mothers when we were growing up.

What did your mom advise you?
Firstly never take anything that doesn’t belong to you. Always smile, try to smile wherever you go. If you step into a room, smile. When you are nervous to meet people, smile. I tell this to my son. I met an old guy and this story sticks to me like glue. If it’s free and cheap it’s no good. Nothing in life is free or cheap there is a price to pay for everything. This man gave me the example that if there is a thousand litres of coke you will drink it. If there is a litre of urine in that thousand litres it is contaminated. He is saying that what we take that doesn’t belong to us in any way will contaminate our souls.

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