Shelby – Professional chef

I want people to believe in people.

If you don’t teach and pass along your knowledge you have done nothing in your career.

We need to build the country. Education and knowledge are how we build the country and pull people from poverty.

The school I want to build is a simple idea it is run like a daycare. It’s a place where kids can hang out and feel safe; keeping them off the streets. The whole idea is to empower the community teaching them about sustainability. They can learn to lead a better life and trust in people, that is a major thing. I want to have social workers teaching and helping the kids. The kids will work in the garden. They will learn about different vegetables and what they do for the body. Malnutrition is a big problem. People don’t know about healthy eating. We want to get people away from the marketing that has been fed to them. My problem is that I can’t make my school sustainable without funding. I want to create a school that kids can be proud of. Proud that it is theirs. Proud to pass it along to the next group of kids. I want to bring in people from different industries to teach the kids different skills.

This is driving me to obsession. I used to want to own my own restaurant and be famous. That doesn’t matter to me anymore.

The most empowering thing for me was when I was offered an amazing job in Amsterdam. I cried when it was offered to me, a boy from the township. I told them I couldn’t take it, I had work to do in my own country. If we all work together we are all winning.

Someone I once worked for told me that those who serve have a special place in heaven. Yet It has to be done with a kind heart.

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