Lauren, Stafford Rescue Africa – Pets cannot pass along COVID-19

Lauren, please tell us about Stafford Rescue Africa? We are Stafford and Amstaff…

June 17, 2020 standard
Bricks and Sticks

Sandy L – Johannesburg, the beauty that lies on our doorstep

Johannesburg, the so-called concrete jungle, is surrounded by beauty. Huddle Park is definitely one…

May 26, 2018 standard

Yusha and Charlotte

We went through quite a process with the dog before him. We got…

August 2, 2014 standard

Heidi and Zorro living in Cape Town

Who named him? Me. Why? We liked the movie and it’s a cool…

August 2, 2014 standard

Callan,Tasha and Tracey from Kensington

Tell me about what you are doing? We are the Lions of Kensington,…

July 20, 2014 standard

Martin and Perro living in Cape Town

He is not a dog, he is human.

June 19, 2014 standard