Humans of SA – Parting words

A conversation is the starting point to positive change. Say what you mean…

January 1, 2019 standard

Jan – Where is my pension?

Jan, for 41 years and 5 months you were involved in the South…

April 21, 2016 standard

Pam – Second Chances

Pam, who are you? I am just a normal person, juggling work and…

September 21, 2015 standard

Sandy L – Humans One Year On

I have met incredibly interesting people along the way, all of whom I…

June 21, 2015 standard
Bricks and Sticks

Gavin Goodman

Imperial Cars and Hard Rock Cafe show their support for the fight against…

December 24, 2014 standard

Brandaline – Keep moving forward

I don’t believe people should stay in one place, we should always be…

December 14, 2014 standard

Josh – Fashion is in me

What is your great passion? Running, having the wind go through my hair….

December 8, 2014 standard