Pens and Pencils

Janko de Beer – Artist

Janko de Beer is a South African artist whose work illustrates the precepts…

April 9, 2015 standard

Dani and Blake (Knobs&Tassels) – True art is an expression

Howsit guys. Blake, you caught my attention because of a conversation we were…

March 10, 2015 standard

Steve the artist by Jo-Anne Knoetze

It takes Steve two to four days to complete his artwork. He sells…

February 18, 2015 standard
Pens and Pencils

Mncedisi – Artist

If you want to see my work I am always at Green Market…

January 2, 2015 standard

Mncedisi – I hope to teach children in the townships

Have you had a good 2014? Yes, I have had a good 2014….

December 31, 2014 standard

Justin – Music was a hobby, a passion and later an obsession

Justin….. I have seen you naked. I was pausing for full effect there….

December 3, 2014 standard
Pens and Pencils

Dave Henkel – Painter

Table Mountain. Dave Henkel

November 5, 2014 standard

Esmeralda and Paul Searle from Cape Town

  Together we make up the duo, The Pop Rivets. We travelled around…

June 22, 2014 standard