Rachael from England and Buster living in Sea Point

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Buster’s bright orange jacket caught my attention and curiosity. I actually met them in a shopping centre, but as it turns out Buster is not a fan of the camera.

He hates cameras. He only lets me take selfies of us.
Today I took him to the airport, you can see he has never been up stairs before. He is a rescue dog, he was clearly mistreated.

How did you become involved with Darg ?
My friend adopted one is how I how I came to know them. I signed up to donate R50 a month to help with their funding (they have lost their funding). I cant get my dogs from home over here.

They are flat nosed dogs, only SAA will fly flat nosed dogs from overseas but they wont guarantee they arrive alive. But my dogs are happy that side, they have very happy lives. My house here is set up for a dog. I thought I would do some good for the world and become a foster mom.

Buster’s outfit is smart it caught my attention, which is what you want when you are trying to find him a home.
I am having t-shirts made that say “I am a foster mom” at the front and on the back “Ask me about adoption”.
I am also getting bibs made in pink and blue that say “Adopt me”.

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