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I survived cancer.

Six months of chemo and it came back. I then had to have another six months. Before the second six months I had five weeks of radiation, once a day. I have scars to show for it. I had a boob grain (growth) I told people I was trying to be a transvestite they didn’t know if they should laugh at the joke or not. I used to laugh at it, as I was going through it myself. That was in 2007.

What was it like knocking at deaths door, did you make your peace?
I was in hospital with phenomia, the doctors told my parents to say goodbye, I heard them. I was so out of it, they didn’t realize I could hear and I decided to live.

What was weird to me, were the people at my office at work, being too scared to talk about it or ask me what type of cancer I had.

Why do you think people are scared to ask?
They were scared to hear what I was going to tell them. They were scared of how to react, or how they should react.

Tell me of a funny moment during this time?
This one lady that went through chemo for four years already (at that point) was always fixing the front if her wig and we used to fix the back of her wig for her.

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